10. Where should I bury them?

Details on the specifics of the method will be provided in your packs. However, below is a list of suggested locations to bury your three sets of tea bags.

These are simply some suggestions, but any area of your garden that you are particularly interested in can be used, but try and spread them out across your garden.

This project is particularly interested in gardening practices (such as application of compost) so please stick to your garden for this particular experiment.

1. Under the lawn

The vegetation cover of lawns is relatively similar in most gardens Therefore, burying tea bags under lawns will allow me to look at whether the region you live in is having an effect on decomposition rate, as a result of local climate or soil type.


2. In a place that you treat with organic matter (such as compost, horse manure etc.)

This could be a flower bed, borders, a vegetable patch etc.

If you do not treat any part of your garden with compost, but use another form of fertiliser or soil amendment, then please bury this pair here. If you neither apply compost nor fertiliser, any area in your garden where there are plants can be used.


3. An area that is often waterlogged or very dry


4. Under a tree/ hedge


5. In a garden meadow


6. In bare soil where there are no plants

This can be used as a control so we can see if your soil management is having an effect

Tea Bag Citizen Science_20

7. Under plants of a different species than the last set

If you manage all of your garden in the same way does the species of plant have an effect?


8. Interested in seeing how temperature affects decomposition?

If you’re interested in investigating how temperature affects decomposition why not bury two pairs next to eachother. You can raise the temperature of the soil around one pair with a cut up plastic bottle. Like the diagram below.



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