02. What I’m asking you to do

Tea Bag Citizen Science_23Tea Bag Citizen Science_21

This experiment works on the basis of a litter bag experiment with the use of Green and Rooibos tea bags. The scientific value of this method has already been verified by the developers and mass experiments are already being conducted all over the world.

The method is very simple:

If you are interested in participating please send your name and postal address to teabagindexuk@gmail.com

  1. We will send you three pairs of tea bags
  2. Bury these pairs of tea bags in three different places around your garden (in the lawn, in a flower bed etc.)
  3. Leave them there for three months
  4. After three months dig them up and leave them somewhere to dry out
  5. Post them back to me, along with a few words about where you buried them, and a small soil sample

All the information you need will be sent to you with the tea bags but it really is that simple!



5 thoughts on “02. What I’m asking you to do

  1. Do you still need volunteered locations?
    Will send my address if answer is yes.
    Good luck with the research.


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